Last week, we wrote a post about the missing 32%, a concept turned movement that shines a light on the gender gap in the architectural industry. Across the industry, women average between 18%-20% of the workforce.


As project managers, we cross into several fields and disciplines: architecture and design, construction, construction management. Traditionally, these industries have been male dominated. Women make up less than 7% of construction workers and construction managers. The number of women in the construction industry has steadily declined over the last decade. In 2005, 1,079,000 women worked in the industry. That number dropped to 939,000 in 2016.


Watchdog is very proud of the fact that, at present, 41% of our employees are women. Of our women, 64% are project managers, 18% are support staff and another 18% are in leadership positions.


Diversity has always been in the culture and make-up of Watchdog. We have always had a diverse team, especially when it comes to gender.  Throughout our growth, we have found that diversity in gender has come naturally to us. We consider ourselves lucky to have so many talented, dedicated and hard-working women at our firm. The women at Watchdog truly are top professionals in their fields.


We feel that diversity is an asset we offer to our clients. We are proud to beat industry standards in gender diversity. However, our team members come from all different backgrounds: professional, personal, geographic, socioeconomic and more. We feel that our diverse team allows us to offer our clients unique perspective.


As we continue to grow, Watchdog remains committed to increasing our diversity in multiple ways. Not just because study after study concludes that diverse workforces and teams boost business results. Not even because many of the best companies to work for are some of the most diverse companies in the country. Mostly because diversity is something that we believe in, that is part of the Watchdog culture and because diversity creates a sense of community that we promote at Watchdog.


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