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By Friday afternoon, you’re probably ready for the weekend and you might be looking for an “interruption” at work. We’re here to help you mix a little business with a pleasure with the details on our favorite Philly real estate blogs. For the next several Fridays, we will highlight one Philly real estate blog that we rely on to keep us in the know on what’s the latest around town, inspire us during a slump and maybe even to get us through a Friday afternoon. This week we are featuring Curbed Philadelphia. We were lucky enough to talk to Melissa Romero. Here’s why we love Curbed:

Curbed Philadelphia

What’s its deal?- Curbed focuses primarily on residential real estate. But, they focus on so much than just cool property listings. They write about what makes a vibrant neighborhood and city, which is so much more than homes and yet sometimes so indescribable. Development trends, neighborhood guides, pieces of history all make their way onto Curbed. A few not-to-miss posts: this one on the bike path craze in Philadelphia and this one highlighting 6 old stadiums in Philadelphia. Melissa received particularly positive and nostalgic feedback from readers recounting their memories at each stadium.   Curbed has a national footprint, covering 15 total destinations, but they seem to get the vibe of Philadelphia.

Why we love it- While curbed is so much more than property listings, they really do have awesome property listings that can be hard to tear yourself away from. This one is pretty phenomenal. So is this one.   The overall organization/navigation of the blog is also a huge plus, but the neighborhood breakout is a particular highlight for me. Getting to know Philly neighborhoods is such a treat; Curbed Philadelphia does a great job at capturing the character of each neighborhood. I also love taking a look at the Curbed site to see what is going on in the Real Estate world in other cities.

What does Curbed say?- When talking to Melissa Romero from Curbed, her love of her job and her city were infectious. She put it best by saying, “Curbed isn’t just a real estate blog. It’s really a destination that encompasses everything it means to love where you live: Your own home, your city, your parks, etc.” Melissa is someone who truly loves exploring Philadelphia and is rooting for Philadelphia’s continued success and dynamic energy. “Philly really is a treasure trove of history, culture, arts, and yes, development. Of course, there are many issues that come with its growth and increased development, and that adds another layer to Curbed Philly coverage.”


We’ll be back next Friday with another Philly real estate blog highlight!


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Katie Craven
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