How should your owner’s representative be managing your real estate or construction project? If you ask 10 people, you will probably get 10 different answers. However, we’re sure of one thing: no matter what, your owner’s representative should be going above and beyond to ensure that your project is a success and that your expectations are met (if not exceeded). Your project management team should be skilled and practical problem solvers. Here is an issue that we recently faced in the field and how our team decided to handle it:


The Problem:

We are currently working with an international client. The company’s executives are based in Europe, while a major project in the company’s portfolio is being managed by the Watchdog team on the East Coast. Eager to track the construction progress, the client wanted to see bi-weekly construction photos. The client reached out to several of the project’s consultants, who agreed to take the bi-weekly construction photos for a significant fee.  The progress photos were important to the client, but the cost from the consultants did not seem to equal what they would have received.


The Solution:

Our Watchdog owner’s representatives took this task on. Our project managers were walking the construction site on a regular basis, so there was no reason that we couldn’t photograph the site on regular intervals. With the client, we established which vantage points were most important for the client to track. We then started taking photos on a bi-weekly basis, collecting all photos into one document and delivering the document to the client.


When you hire an owner’s representative, you are engaging a team who should become an extension of you. This means making your life easier and looking at the project with the same level of ownership as the client. Your owner’s rep should find solutions that will satisfy the project as a whole and keep the project progressing forward.

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