A strategic thought partner is a tremendous value to clients of all types…so what is it?  How do you get one? Why do you want one?  Let’s start with definitions from Webster’s . . .

“Strategic” is defined as “of great importance within an integrated whole”

“Thought” is defined as a “developed intention or plan” and “the power to imagine”

“Partner” is defined as a “colleague”

A consultant who develops into a strategic thought partner is a thoughtful contributor to conversations that will naturally occur during the program or project process . . . applicable to many types of projects, and throughout all phases of the process. 

With Watchdog as your partner, you can expect a long term commitment, as our team is focused on the whole season, not just one play/one game. With that commitment, as we learn about your day-to-day, we apply our planning skills, and our imagination, to work side-by-side with each client, in order to develop those long term solutions. 

How do we do this? 

  • First, by listening and gaining an understanding of each client, as we know that one size does NOT fit all. 
  • Second, by bringing cross-industry/cross-services expertise to the table, when you might need it.
  • Third, by offering real life examples that have worked for others, valuable insights and industry data and statistics.  We will challenge you, as we strive to be more than an “order-taker”. 

Bringing that value-add component to a client relationship doesn’t happen overnight…but taking the first steps to build that long term relationship will lay the foundation for the strategic thought partnership that will follow, with Watchdog at your side.   

Lori Strasser

Lori Strasser specializes in the “people and processes” side of the real estate strategy equation, bringing a customized perspective and methodology to various strategic programs, inclusive of workplace experience strategy, strategic occupancy planning and change engagement and communications.