To unravel the mystery of occupancy, as it pertains to your workplace, office or otherwise, let’s look at the following common terms:

Occupancy Planning: In a general sense, the occupancy plan addresses how people will occupy and use the workplace. On a daily basis, the occupancy planner manages the puzzle pieces as requests from business leaders come in . . . but always with an understanding of the bigger picture strategic plan, to achieve companywide business goals.

MAC: This acronym refers to “Move Add Change” . . . meaning a box move that does not affect the layout or capacity of a workplace layout.

IWMS: This acronym refers to “Integrated Workplace Management Systems” . . .a suite or platform of software solutions designed to facilitate space management and employee experiences.

Reservation System: This is one component, or one software solution designed to support employees in the reservation of space, whether conference rooms or touch-down desks.

Continuous Improvement: This is a mindset and approach, requiring upfront planning, and ultimately resulting in evolving solutions designed to address employee needs in a timely manner. 

With the Watchdog team by your side, we can help you understand how you can benefit from, and tap into, any of these areas of specialty.

Lori Strasser

Lori Strasser specializes in the “people and processes” side of the real estate strategy equation, bringing a customized perspective and methodology to various strategic programs, inclusive of workplace experience strategy, strategic occupancy planning and change engagement and communications.