When you’re looking to relocate your office or open a new office in a different location, there is a lot to consider in the site selection process. The new space must meet your company’s needs in terms of size, location, amenities, and more.

Your Workforce

If you are relocating, your current workforce must be able to have a reasonable commute to the new office. Would the commute be longer/shorter? Is it accessible by public transportation? What is the parking situation at the proposed space?


Employees become accustomed to amenities such as local day cares, gyms, and restaurants. If your workforce uses a day care in the same building, for example, are there day care options at the new space? Would employees have to travel far for food options if they didn’t bring their own lunch?

New Employees

As your business grows, both when relocating and opening new offices, there must be a talent pool of industry-specific skilled workers in the area you are looking to move to. Some urban areas are known for specific expertise, such as cloud computing in the Pacific Northwest or financial technology in New York.

Local Economic Development

In growing cities such as Austin, Texas, the local governments offer incentives for companies looking to relocate. Austin offers incentive benefits like 3% wages reimbursement per job, per year, and up to 50% property tax reimbursement. Other growing cities offer incentives such as construction grants, low interest loans, and expanded infrastructure in the city.

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