Today, organizations are constantly facing challenges and opportunities that require a flexible and scalable workforce. This is especially true for the real estate and construction industry, where large and complex projects demand a highly skilled and specialized workforce that can adapt to changing market conditions, regulations, and technological advancements.

To adapt to the quickly changing market, some organizations use staff augmentation. Staff augmentation is a process by which an organization hires specialized contractors, consultants, or temporary workers to complement their in-house workforce for a specific period. This gives the flexibility to scale up or down without impacting their internal workforce.

This approach allows organizations to access highly skilled and specialized talent that may not be available in their existing workforce. Organizations can draw from a diverse background of consultants with broad industry experience in areas such as architecture, engineering, project management, and construction management, without the need for lengthy and costly recruitment processes. This creates collaboration across several functional areas of the real estate and construction teams using a consistent consultant. These consultants can provide support for project management, workplace strategy, occupancy and planning, and several other functional areas to ensure consistent delivery and alignment with organizational goals.

Another benefit of staff augmentation is that it can help organizations reduce their risk exposure. By bringing in specialized contractors or consultants with a track record of success, organizations can ensure that their real estate and construction projects are managed by experienced professionals who are familiar with the latest industry standards and regulations. This can help reduce the risk of project delays, cost overruns, and legal or regulatory issues.

Overall, a staff augmentation approach can provide significant value to organizations in the real estate and construction industry. By complementing their in-house workforce with specialized contractors or consultants, organizations can access a broader pool of talent, increase their workforce flexibility, and reduce their risk exposure. This approach can ultimately help organizations achieve their business objectives more efficiently and effectively, while improving the quality and outcomes of their real estate and construction projects.

Camden Cowan has served Watchdog’s clients in multiple locations across the United States and Canada. As a Senior Project Manager with the firm, Camden has continually demonstrated his leadership abilities while managing large corporate accounts such as Uber and a Large Financial Services Organization, headquartered in Philadelphia’s suburbs.


Project Management Professional, LEED AP ID+C