At Watchdog, our people are our single greatest asset. Supporting and protecting the mental health and wellbeing of our people is an undoubtedly vital component of our workplace culture, and we take our related efforts very seriously. A flourishing, healthy workplace culture is predicated upon the wellbeing of the people who maintain it, and success in this arena necessitates a proactive and thoughtful approach to tackling employee mental health. We believe that culture should be not only a consideration but a critical driving force in pursuit of any organizational achievement – it is interwoven throughout all of our strategic planning efforts and evident throughout every facet of our business. While we remain committed to continued education, ongoing research, enhanced employee offerings, and meaningful opportunities for
organizational advancement as it relates to employee wellbeing, we are proud to celebrate a number of recent achievements related to these matters.

In October of 2021, Watchdog began a partnership with a Philadelphia-based nonprofit called Unity Recovery, under which we earned a Recovery-Friendly Workplace (RFW) certification. The training program completed in pursuit of this achievement warranted a holistic review of our operational practices, procedures, and policies to allow us to better support our people as it relates to mental health, behavioral health, and wellness. In order to gain a stronger understanding of how our wellness-related offerings and practices compare to other organizations, we have recently participated in a formal audit conducted by an external party. As a result, we are proud to announce that we have received a Platinum rating for Mental Health America’s (MHA’s) 2022 Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health, which is a national certification program that recognizes employers who strive to create a mentally healthy environment and to create a psychologically safe workplace for their people.

We were evaluated holistically against other candidates with regards to our benefit offerings, our commitment to maintaining a healthy integration of professional and personal life, employee growth and development opportunities, company culture, equitable management practices, and flexible accommodations, among others. Scoring in the highest tier is a testament to the unparalleled workplace culture our people have helped us to build as well as to the organizational values they continuously help us to uphold.

In observance of Mental Health Awareness Month this May, we took the opportunity to focus our operational programming and events around employee wellbeing with a variety of offerings. From in-office chair massages to healthy juice sampling to a virtual self-care challenge to everything in between, we were thrilled to put a spotlight on wellness and work against the all too common stigma associated with mental health. With the help of an external partner, we were also able to offer an impactful companywide educational session around stress management techniques, burnout prevention & identification, tips for adopting a growth mindset, and the practical application of emotional resilience tactics.

We look forward to a continued spotlight on these matters and are incredibly grateful for the numerous partners that have allowed us to create a strong foundation upon which to continuously elevate our collective empathy, wellness offerings, and educational strategy to foster an environment of psychological safety and inclusive support for all of our people.

Cait Harding
People and Culture Manager

Cait Harding ensures that Watchdog’s unique and culture centric environment continues to flourish. As People and Culture Manager, Cait is responsible for adding value to and maintaining the culture that Watchdog has fostered since its inception.