Every year, Watchdog hosts a summer outing to celebrate the hard work of our employees and offer the opportunity to connect as a team in-person. Past years have taken the Watchdog staff to baseball games, golf clinics, BBQs, go-karting, and other team-bonding, culture-oriented events. The 2022 Summer Outing was no exception to the fun as we hosted outdoor parties at the Belmont Grove in Fairmount Park for the Philadelphia-based team and at Hermosa Beach for the Los Angeles-based team, soaking up the sun and enjoying the company of one another.

At the Belmont Grove, families flocked to play cornhole, spike ball, badminton, basketball, and with the littlest of the bunch running to the playground, there was something for everyone. The highlight of the day was the kickball game, challenging kids, partners, and employees alike. Face painter Janell was hard at work as butterflies, rainbows, flowers, and animal prints appeared on faces throughout the crowd. The food was a huge hit, thanks to Chewys Food Truck, featuring brisket, honey siracha chicken, veggie tacos, and other popular street food-style options. Dessert was served by Scoops ‘N’ Smiles, with tons of ice cream and water ice cooling us off throughout the day (the “Graham Slam” flavor was particularly delicious). With outdoor games, food trucks, a kickball competition, and tons of room to run around, employees and their loved ones had a blast at this laid-back, family-centric event.

In Los Angeles, the team had a similar approach for their Summer Outing – but rather than in Fairmount Park, they hosted their party as a beach lounge in Hermosa Beach, LA. Thanks to specialty beach party planners, the LA team relaxed under a shaded canopy as they enjoyed the California sunshine and good company. Food came from a local bar and grill, which included burgers, salmon, salads, and wings. With games of cornhole and football, and a comfortable place to relax, there was not a dull moment. The LA team utilized branded outdoor blankets in the sand and Rita’s gift cards in the evening, which were both the summer gifts given to all employees.

The 2022 Summer Outing was a blast for everyone. Being able to spend time with one another and connect face-to-face was sincerely enjoyed and appreciated, as were the fun events throughout the day.

Cait Harding
People and Culture Manager

Cait Harding ensures that Watchdog’s unique and culture centric environment continues to flourish. As People and Culture Manager, Cait is responsible for adding value to and maintaining the culture that Watchdog has fostered since its inception.