The Watchdog Philadelphia Team gathered to support the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald’s House Served with Love Program on Thursday, July 20. 

The Watchdog Team was thrilled to be back at the House for the first time following Covid-19 restrictions.  The Watchdog Team prepared a delicious meal for more than 200 and packed up grab-n-go leftovers for the families returning to the house after the dinner hour. 

The Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House is near and dear to the Watchdog Family, and we look forward to continuing to support their important work.

Michele DiVeterano
Project Manager

Michele is a dedicated and trustworthy Project Manager with keen attention to detail, allowing her to seamlessly integrate into her projects and understand the nuances of each client. Throughout her career in project management, she has worked with a wide variety of clients in the corporate sector, as well as healthcare and institutional sectors. As a Project Manager, Michele leads project initiatives such as budget and schedule tracking, contract administration, and vendor procurement.