As the U.S. increases in population and age, the demand for long-term and acute healthcare will continue to rise. To meet this demand, hospitals & healthcare organizations are upgrading and expanding their facilities.

Since real estate is one of the largest expenses on a hospitals & healthcare budget sheet, reducing operating, construction and expansion costs is crucial. So how does a healthcare facility meet those demands while keeping their costs down?

A project manager’s conflict-free counsel and big-picture management will give you a second set of eyes and ears looking out for your best interests and handling your project’s fine details, which will bring you peace of mind.

Though you may say you already have a team of construction project managers in-house, it will greatly benefit you to bring in an outside consultant for the following reasons:

  1. Fresh perspective. In a constantly changing industry, a project manager / owner’s representative can provide or recommend new specialty consultants / vendors, share new ideas and market trends, and suggest new and proven project implementation strategies, unconstrained by traditional thinking. These fresh ideas help a project, because you are able to reap their proven benefits by increasing your project’s efficiency with strategies and solutions that have been successfully employed outside of your organization. From years of experience with hundreds of projects, a well-regarded project manager / owners representative can apply proven cost-saving strategies that have been delivered effectively in the past.
  2. Advocate for your best Interests. A truly independent project manager or owner’s rep. will put your project in the proper hands. As an insurance policy, your project manager / owner’s representative will be your only hired hand who is looking out for your bottom line, not theirs.
  3. Time savings. From dealing with your project’s burdensome, distracting details to being a point of contact for all vendors, a project manager / owner’s rep. will save you time. As an extension of you, your project manager / owner’s rep. can perform daily/weekly walkthroughs of construction sites, package all invoices, compare them against contracts, submit them to you for approval in one simple package, and process and level the details of the RFP processes for all vendors.
  4. Cost savings. By providing proven cost-saving strategies, holding all vendors accountable to their contracts, helping you to avoid project pitfalls, and providing intellectual capital about the market place, a project manager / owner’s rep. will save you money throughout your project.

If your next project is a medical office building, inpatient or outpatient facility, or senior/assisted living facility, and your goal is to deliver the project on time and under budget, it is vital to bring in an outside project manager / owner’s representative to help you to drive these goals to their maximum result.

Watchdog is an independent owner's representative and project management firm that provides customized and consultative real estate services. With oversight of the budget and schedule, Watchdog participates in every step of the project ensuring quality is met and your interests are being represented.


Owner’s Representation, Master Planning and Programing, Site Selection/Analysis, Budget/Schedule Administration, Project Coordination, Work Letter Analysis, Closeout Management, Vendor Procurement, Contract Negotiations/Admin, Capital Budget Planning, Process Management, Construction Admin, Multi-site Rollout Management