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Each project manager is unique in their own right; however, I believe that there are a few characteristics that define individuals best suited for the role. These are characteristics common to the best project managers in a variety of industries. The first one is practicing humility during the most difficult circumstances. If you start by taking the perspective of the person you are working with, you can recognize areas of yourself that may need improvement.

The ability to see the big picture is integral when working with any client. By looking at the scope of a project and identifying key delivery dates, a project manager can create a realistic schedule that ensures that clients’ needs are met by all parties involved. With this in mind, being accessible is vital to the flow of a project. A project manager cannot sit on the sidelines and wait for a need to arise. Instead, the project manager must be engrained into each aspect of the project over its life cycle and be visible to answer any questions or concerns of the project team or client. Emotional intelligence compliments the need to be accessible. Specifically, in times like these were unforeseen situations occur and clients are faced with difficult decisions, it is imperative that a project manager possess the tools to deal with their clients on a human level and not solely a project level.

Being an advocate for our clients is something that makes up the fabric of the Watchdog culture and guides our decisions on a daily basis. Finally, technical capability is a must in any industry. Watchdog provides our project managers the tools they need to further their education, gain new certifications, and learn from other project managers who have diverse industry backgrounds. This eclectic group defines our success on projects on and off the job site.

Best Characteristics of a Project Manager