Are building amenities changing? Are tenants looking for more? Are building owners willing to give more?  Can a tenant get more, and still meet company business goals?

These are the questions facing many, as the office landscape continues to evolve! We can help you understand and navigate to a “YES, and” response to all of the above!

Are building amenities changing?  Are building owners willing to give more?  Yes, and as the supply of office space reaches maximum levels, building owners are doing more to attract and retain their tenants.

Pre-pandemic, it may have been enough to offer the very basic levels of service, or simply renovate the lobby or the restrooms.  Now, increasingly, buildings must offer their tenants a menu of amenity items such as:

  • Outdoor space:  for work and play
  • Wellness areas:  both in terms of physical and mental wellness.  Not just a gym, but also perhaps a meditation room.  Not just exercise machines, but a top-notch locker room and shower area
  • Conference Centers:  as the old “offsite” is now the new “onsite”…and tenants may need larger spaces in which to convene their partially remote teams
  • Smart Building Technology:  connect the visitor, reservation, facilities services, and environmental considerations…and put it into everyone’s hands with state-of-the-art software. 
  • Concierge Mindset:  not just a security guard at the front desk, but a team who will greet, advise, organize services…and generally treat tenants like the guests that they are in these properties
  • Food and Services:  entice a collection of area service providers to set up shop, or pop-ups, to provide building residents with more reasons to come back to the office

Can a company get more, and still meet company business goals? Yes, and all you have to do is ask! 

Many companies are considering a flight to quality. . . meaning a smaller footprint in a better building.   Watchdog will help you coordinate with legal counsel to have your lease drawn in the most favorable manner possible, drawing upon our varied subject matter expertise to provide insights and details. 

We will translate the lease loopholes, tipping the scale from a landlord-friendly lease more towards a tenant-friendly lease. We will put the usage of the building amenities right into your lease…so all of your associates can benefit from these amenities. With the Watchdog team by your side,  we can help you understand how you can tap into any of the new amenities out there!

Private: John Leskow
Managing Director

John Leskow specializes in advising companies and individuals on their Commercial Real Estate strategies. John has pride in the unique, customized work product he prepares for each client after having carefully listened and analyzed their needs. At Watchdog, John serves clients as a third-party Real Estate Consultant where he advises clients on the entire real estate continuum, from project inception to completion.