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As project managers, we are the conduit between the project team and the client.  One of the first things we look to establish with a new client is trust.  Trust is built from being a good listener, understanding the needs of the client, and sharing Watchdog’s team approach while confirming a single point of contact.

I have found that the following skills are essential for nurturing these relationships early on in any project.

  1. Communication Skills: Having strong written and verbal communication skills is crucial when establishing a new client relationship. Transparency through clear communication will instill a confidence to the client that the details are being managed.
  2. Confidence: A project manager with confidence shows the client that they can rely on the PM to get the job done effectively and efficiently.
  3. Patience and Attitude: Being patient and keeping a positive attitude during any project builds trust in the relationship between the project manager and client. Demonstrating this positivity and control over any situation exhibits to the client that their project is in good hands.

While these skills are vital when building and managing client relationships, they can also have a valuable impact on your personal relationships as well.

The role of a project manager comes with great responsibility.  The Watchdog mission is to ensure 100% client satisfaction and we pride ourselves on accomplishing this level of satisfaction.

Michele DiVeterano
Project Manager

Michele is a dedicated and trustworthy Project Manager with keen attention to detail, allowing her to seamlessly integrate into her projects and understand the nuances of each client. Throughout her career in project management, she has worked with a wide variety of clients in the corporate sector, as well as healthcare and institutional sectors. As a Project Manager, Michele leads project initiatives such as budget and schedule tracking, contract administration, and vendor procurement.