So you know you need to find a new site—perhaps your lease is ending in the near future, or your landlord just isn’t able to provide the amenities your employees need, or you need less/more square footage—whatever your reason, it’s a process that not many look forward to.  Watchdog is here to help you demystify this process!

We support clients of all sizes, crossing all industries, with a conflict-free approach, completely customized to your business goals and drivers.

Our process looks like this:

Step 1:  Define the parameters: We listen to your needs, ask you questions to help you consider a variety of priorities, and draw upon our team’s areas of expertise as needed

Step 2:  Determine the project timeline: We will build the “road map”, identifying your key milestone dates, and tailoring this process to meet your needs

Step 3:  Use the latest tools: We will actively track your property options within your specified radius, and we will update the search for as long as needed.  We will help you prioritize the best locations for your team.

Step 4: Touring: You will want to put your eyes on those locations you have identified as priority

Step 5:  Negotiations: We will pull together an RFP (Request for Proposal) and issue this document to your top priority locations to understand the nuances of each site, beyond the rental rate. The RFP ensures we are creating a competitive environment, which ultimately drives the lowest cost terms from each participant. We will dissect all of the proposed lease terminology and language and use this to leverage the opportunities to your advantage.

Step 6:  Analysis: We will provide you a comparison identifying both the quantitative (the numbers) and qualitative (the employee experience) issues from the RFP respondents, to help you make the best decision to fit the maximum number of your priorities. This analysis will be updated for every round of the negotiation.

Step 7:  Letter of Intent “LOI”: We will coordinate with legal counsel to have your lease drawn in the most favorable manner possible, drawing upon our varied subject matter expertise to provide insights and details.  We will translate the lease loopholes, tipping the scale from a landlord-friendly lease more towards a tenant-friendly lease.

Step 8:  Next steps: We will lay out the details of what happens after you sign the lease, remaining by your side, with our expert team of project managers, until you have moved in!

John Leskow
Managing Director

John Leskow specializes in advising companies and individuals on their Commercial Real Estate strategies. John has pride in the unique, customized work product he prepares for each client after having carefully listened and analyzed their needs. At Watchdog, John serves clients as a third-party Real Estate Consultant where he advises clients on the entire real estate continuum, from project inception to completion.