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I’ve always found it incredibly interesting how technology is constantly changing the way we build. I wanted to share a few examples of technologies that have an impact on a project at different stages. These all amount to 24/7 access to accurate information, which improves the flow of communication and yields more efficient processes. These can all help save time and money throughout the life of a project. The key is not overloading a project with new technology solely because it is new, but rather identifying what technology will benefit that particular project, then implementing it.

Mobile Construction Management Platforms: These allow contractors to communicate in real time and send questions and quality issues directly from the field.

Drone Technology:  A few years ago, drone technology was highly cutting edge but now is becoming more common place. Drone photography and videos provide a different point of view of the project site and are a great way to show real-time construction progress, especially to owners and/or designers who are working remotely.

3D Scanning Technology: This is regularly used to capture important data regarding existing spaces. The data gathered by this technology is invaluable throughout any renovation.

BIM Technology: BIM has multiple components. 3D models are often used for rendering 3D images, estimating, and documenting as-builts as well as clash detection. Clash detection is where I’ve personally seen the most impact. This sorts out coordination issues ahead of time and helps avoid conflicts during construction in the field.

Wearable Technology: This is becoming increasingly more popular and can be used to track manpower and enforce safety standards amongst other uses based on project needs.

Mary-Kate Sutter
Project Manager