When managing projects, our team is constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and provide our clients with the highest levels of service. Recently, the Watchdog team has made an organizational change to advance our utilization of the Smartsheet platform.

Smartsheet is a real time platform that provides our project managers with the ability to construct reporting dashboards that track project progress in easily digestible deliverables. Our team has used this platform to create customized dashboards that track all project analytics but specifically the line items that are most important to the client. We understand that no project is the same and therefore our reporting must be tailored to the exact project needs and specifications as determined by the client’s goals and objectives for the project. Additionally, on a larger scale, this platform has allowed our team to track over 90 individual projects for a client’s nationwide expansion all in the same dashboard to track the success of the portfolio while also pinpointing specific action items at project sites across the country.

What makes this tool unique compared to previous reporting options? Smartsheet’s dashboard allows our clients the ability to see a live snapshot of their projects without grazing through multiple files. Instead of flipping through the budget, schedule, action item list, and invoice log, the dashboard allows all these items to be displayed at one time. It not only helps with efficiencies, but it creates a customizable experience for our clients.  Whether it’s on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, we are able to clearly and quickly identify project risks and areas of concern to create strategies which mitigate these risks before they become a larger detriment to the project.

Watchdog uses Smartsheet program metrics
(image depicts hypothetical scenarios)

This one-stop-shop, real-time view of the inner workings of our projects mitigates incongruences and inconsistencies between Watchdog and the client. Everyone on the client-side and the Watchdog team has access to the dashboard and is provided the ability to take a deeper dive into the linked sheets (budget, invoice log, change order log, and schedule for example). This allows both sides the opportunity to make any suggestions or updates while providing all members the ability upload and link documents, add comments, and tag individuals on the project team with questions or action items.

While this may be a newer process for Watchdog, it is one that we all feel will strongly impact our clients’ projects and overall successful implementations. I personally have enjoyed navigating the inner workings of Smartsheet and look forward to continuing to support our clients in new, efficient, and innovative ways.


Katherine McKee
Project Manager

Katherine is a diligent and poised project management professional. Since joining Watchdog in early 2020, She has consistently demonstrated success in creating relationships with all members of the project team through effective communication. Katherine has worked on projects in a multitude of industry sectors, including Compass, Cooke & Bieler, and The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania.


Masters of Business Administration, LEED Green Associate