We all understand the basics of this question we’ve posed: 

  • Quantitative = numbers and analysis
  • Qualitative = relating to quality of experiences

But what does this really mean as we look at strategic services, and navigating the working world of today?

We believe that engaging our clients with both sides of this equation—no matter how we might be supporting you—will help meet both business needs and people’s needs. From a quantitative perspective, we can gather data, slice and dice it, and provide a presentation that addresses any number of business goals. But that is only half the narrative! You need the story behind the data. . . and that is where the qualitative approach can influence the decision-making process. 

We believe that your people are your greatest asset. Blending these approaches will lead to strategic thinking designed to enhance your employee base!

Lori Strasser

Lori Strasser specializes in the “people and processes” side of the real estate strategy equation, bringing a customized perspective and methodology to various strategic programs, inclusive of workplace experience strategy, strategic occupancy planning and change engagement and communications.