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People forget that during an office relocation, you’re not just moving desks and furniture, you are entrusted with moving the items that make someone’s workspace their home, 40 hours per week. With this in mind, it is important to make the move process as seamless as possible. Below are 3 key points that I have found greatly impact the effectiveness of an office relocation.

  1. Have a point of contact within the organization. This individual is invaluable during the process as they are a familiar face who knows the in’s and out’s of the company’s culture, structure and team members and therefore ensures employees are comfortable with the move.
  2. Pre-planning with the IT team. Pre-planning with IT helps to avoid any mistakes that may occur during the transition of company technology – servers and desktop monitors alike – that is needed for day one of occupancy.
  3. Communication, communication, communication! Communication is the key to any successful move. If the move is going to impact 50% of the business, then a safe course of action is to communicate your plans 5 times over. By communicating early and often, you can be confident that every member of the company is properly prepared come move weekend.

Be sure to incorporate these tips into your next office relocation to ensure a smooth transition from Point A to Point B!

Since joining the firm in 2010, Caitlyn Helsen has grown from Project Coordinator to one of Watchdog’s leaders, not only in its culture but as a project management professional. Throughout her tenure with the firm, Caitlyn has managed some of Watchdog’s largest scale projects in the corporate, life science, and non-profit sectors.


FMP (Facilities Management Professional)
Masters of Construction Management