For the second year in a row, a group of Watchdogs participated in Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House’s Guest Chef night. The House hosts groups who prepare dinner for the families current residing at PRMH. The guest chef program is 100% volunteer driven- PRMH has volunteers cooking dinner for the families every night.

Our team prepared a hearty meal of chili, soup roasted vegetables, grilled cheese, and baked potatoes. And of course, there were lots of options for dessert! Families staying at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House often do not have extra time, resources or energy to prepare or purchase a meal. Coming home after a long and exhausting day at the hospital to a fully prepared meal lightens the load for each family.


This year, in addition to our guest chef night, we also got to go on a tour of the ongoing expansion project. Watchdog project manager Loren Shaw led us through the construction. Some areas, like the lobby and several guest floors, are finished enough to be operational. The new kitchen and upper housing floors are still underway.

When completed, the expansion project will bring the House’s occupancy from 45 rooms to 127 rooms. The first phase of occupancy is underway. A portion of the first floor and floors 2-4 will be released in the first half of 2019. The second floor consists of 8 guest room suites, which are fitted for longer-term families. Floors 3-8 will consist of 16 guest rooms each. The rest of the floors will open on a phased schedule. Floors 6-8 were not originally going to be fit out, due to fundraising needs. However, the House received a large donation which provided funding for these rooms to be completed. Floors 6-8 will not be occupied this year.

If you are interested in volunteering your group or organization for Guest Chef night, click here for more information.

To donate to the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, click here.

Learn more about the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House project:

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