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Watchdog has a wealth of experience guiding clients through the request for proposal, or RFP, process. On any given project, our project management team needs to develop a strategy that best suits their individual clients and the project needs.

Our project managers can develop, distribute, and level RFPs related to the selection of architects, general contractors, furniture vendors, IT/Security/Audio-Visual consultants, moving companies and, construction testing services, amongst others. We work hand in hand with our clients to develop a detailed scope of services so they may receive the most accurate pricing.

Watchdog holds prospective vendors accountable to the RFP process by constructing a schedule for the bid submission and the bid requirements. Typically, an RFP will provide prospective vendors an opportunity to submit questions (RFIs) to ensure they understand what the client is seeking.  Watchdog provides clear responses to these RFIs in consultation with the project architect/engineer as necessary.

Depending on the nature of the RFP, Watchdog can coordinate and facilitate vendor interviews so the client can obtain first-hand knowledge of what the prospective vendor can offer, who the main point of contact will be, and why their services should be chosen.

Once proposals are received by Watchdog, our team completes a thorough analysis to level the bids so the client can understand the similarities and differences between each vendor’s proposal.  This leveling process equips Watchdog with the ability to provide a recommendation to the client based on the quantitative and qualitative information we examine in each proposal.

After the client awards the appropriate party, Watchdog properly on boards the vendor to the project and puts together the applicable contractual agreement between the client and vendor. This process ensures a smooth entrance for the vendor to the project.

Michael Schlesinger
Project Manager


Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, LEED Green Associate