At Watchdog, we define “Experience Strategy” as those strategies that are more qualitative in nature, including:

  • Change Engagement and Communications:  Planning for the people side of transformation
  • Employee Experience:  Addressing the alignment of work patterns and the work environment beyond the post-Covid return to the office efforts, in combination with the idea of a unified experience for all employees, with a wholistic lens and approach.  A “must-have” basic in today’s competitive talent pool, crossing many industries
  • Workplace Culture:  A collection of behaviors for your teams, borrowing from the worlds of retail and hospitality, with an emphasis today on the curated experience to attract and retain the best talent

How do we help you?  Although these are qualitative issues, we take an organized approach, teaming up our strategists with our experienced project managers, to take the following actions to help you achieve your goals:

  • Establish project parameters, to ultimately create a roadmap/schedule of activities, to identify and close the gaps between your vision and your current reality
  • Operationalize the roadmap into actionable items, and coordinate the flow of information between all engaged teams
  • Support implementation as may be required, with an integrated team and approach
Lori Strasser

Lori Strasser specializes in the “people and processes” side of the real estate strategy equation, bringing a customized perspective and methodology to various strategic programs, inclusive of workplace experience strategy, strategic occupancy planning and change engagement and communications.