Employers today are putting great emphasis in transforming a traditional office into a “live, play, work” environment. Several schools of thought support this shift:

  • Creating environments that foster innovation and collaboration increases revenue
  • Creating environments that foster connections increases employee engagement and retention
  • Flexible work environments can* reduce occupancy costs and space requirements

*Though this isn’t always the case! See a related post on why this isn’t always true.

  • Creating a culture of flexibility to support growth and changing business needs

No matter what is driving the reason to creating a new type of office environment, workplace strategy is a necessary exercise to go through in order to successfully achieve these goals.

What is Workplace Strategy?

Generally speaking, it is the study of workplace environments and how to set the physicality of an office as it relates to the business objectives. That is, if the business objective is to foster innovation, workplace strategy will look at the physical office space and determine the correct layout, functionality, equipment, software, design and more, that will support the goal of fostering innovation. Workplace strategy studies the experience one has while within the office environment

How Can My Company Benefit from It?

The goal of workplace strategy is to align the physical office space with the company’s business strategy, goals and corporate culture. What works for one company, will not automatically work for another. Workplace strategy looks at the organization as a whole and how the physical office should be set-up, including spacing, branding, furniture, technology and more, and thoughtfully designs a space that will enrich the company’s business goals.

The best time to embark on a workplace strategy study is when there are clear directives at the corporate level: improve the bottom line, make our teams work more efficiently. Some companies study the workplace for years in advance of implementing a new strategy, allowing for testing an re-testing.

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