Our People, Our Culture

At Watchdog, our mission, vision, & core values are more than just corporate jargon. They are familiar words, they are our touch point and words that our entire team takes to heart. Our people and our culture are our most valued assets, and we know that our organization can only be as successful as our employees are satisfied.


Company culture has been of paramount importance to Watchdog since its inception in 2003. We have worked intentionally to create a unique, innovative culture different from any of our competitors. To this day community engagement, employee satisfaction, and professional development remain at the forefront of all operational decisions. This strong emphasis on culture is one of the many ways we proudly reinforce the fact that our people are our single greatest asset.

Cait Harding

People & Culture Manager

Cait Harding ensures that Watchdog’s unique and culture centric environment continues to flourish. As People and Culture Manager, Cait is responsible for adding value to and maintaining the culture that Watchdog has fostered since its inception. While monitoring and improving internal initiatives, Cait continues to seek out areas for additional growth to make Watchdog a place where community, people, and culture serve as the paramount for the organization’s success.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values


To empower excellence in our people through an unparalleled workplace culture that enables them to passionately serve & fiercely protect our clients to achieve 100% client satisfaction.


To provide unrivaled client protection against loss, waste, theft, and undesirable practices at every turn. Through innovative thought leadership, an unwavering commitment to our core values, and the highest standards of professionalism, we strive toward strategic organizational growth and continuous improvement. Above all else, we view success as leaving a distinctly positive imprint in the lives of our people, our clients, and in the communities we so proudly serve.








Our Mission, Vision, and Values