Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church

Bryn Mawr, PA
  • Providing due diligence and oversight on renovations and potential expansion
  • Heavy involvement from congregation and staff
  • Determining level of priority for immediate and long-term items
  • Unique project with a great deal of personal connection

Watchdog is currently engaged with Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church to provide oversight and coordination during the institution’s renovation and potential expansion. The congregation and staff engaged in a master planning process and identified several immediate and long-term priorities. Watchdog is facilitating the execution of these projects, as well as exercises to further establish timelines and priorities.

Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church is in many ways an extension of the congregation’s home. As such, the project must be treated with a level of personal investment and dedication. Watchdog was hired because of our commitment and level of understanding of the unique personal nature of this project.

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