DLL Financial Solutions Partner

Wayne, PA
  • 210,000 square feet
  • Interior fit-out of company headquarters.

When assets need an upgrade, global companies turn to Watchdog. DLL Financial Solutions Partner is a global provider of asset-based financial solutions across a variety of industries. They collaborate with partners across 35 countries to enable businesses to obtain the assets they need. DLL’s corporate headquarters in Wayne, Pennsylvania, hired Watchdog to help them manage the process of their major renovations.

DLL owned their 210,000 square foot building, which was ready for an upgrade and engaged Watchdog to create budgets for various office renovation scenarios. Watchdog exceeded expectations by not only delivering different budgets for each scenario but also providing individual schedules, costs analysis, feasibility studies and phasing schedules. This information enabled DLL to make the right decision for their company. Upon approval of the final budget and project scope, Watchdog oversaw the implementation of substantial renovations which included a build-out of an employee gym, and an open-concept floor plan to support the company’s culture and collaborative environment.

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