Wayne, PA
  • 7,000 SF in Atlanta, GA.
  • 14,300 SF in Wayne, PA.
  • Project management of turnkey tenant fitout.
  • Multiple projects locations.

We interviewed several very capable project management companies before we hired Watchdog. We chose Watchdog because they displayed the most knowledge of the market, the landlords and the process. More importantly, they made us comfortable and confident that we would be able to recognize our vision within our budget. I can say with certainty that Watchdog not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. We were impressed with Watchdog’s professionalism during the entire process and were pleased that this high level of professionalism carried all the way through to the completed space.

Elemica is an online network that provides real time information to buyers and sellers of materials in order to improve the efficiency of supply chain management. Proper supply chain management enables companies to become more competitive and profitable in their market.

Watchdog has worked with Elemica on multiple projects over the years. Watchdog has provided preliminary cost estimating, site analysis, feasibility analysis, creation of budget and schedule, coordination of design meetings, construction administration and worked closely with IT vendors to ensure Elemica’s goals were met.

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