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The financial services industry currently employs more than eight million workers, making office space a priority expense that isn’t likely to go away. With these costs ranked as their third-highest operating expense, many financial institutions are looking to make real estate decisions that can reduce budgets and increase revenue.

Benefits For Financial Services Organizations

Based on recent research, online banking options are in high demand, followed closely by the demand for in-person tellers and ATMs. So, what is the best choice for your financial institution? A relocation, expansion, new construction, or build-to-suit location?

Many organizations will underestimate the disruption to their normal business operations when choosing to manage such real estate and construction decisions and projects themselves. But, hiring a financial services real estate project management firm, like Watchdog, will allow you to focus on your core business and better leverage your resources.

At Watchdog, we will be the catalyst that takes your project from start to finish—managing the thousands of details and multiple vendors that you will encounter throughout the process. As a true owner’s representative, we can guarantee a dedication to your vision and project goals, expertise based on previous experience in the financial sector and, most importantly, a team of passionate real estate project managers.
For us, it is not about simply saying, “on time and within budget,” it is about providing comprehensive financial services real estate project management from concept to completion. We manage the assessment, design, permitting, procurement, construction, and relocation phases, and more. We will coordinate every design, construction, and move activity, managing architect and contractor proposals and forms of agreement, establishing and maintaining a budget, addressing zoning and use issues, and performing due diligence investigations.

Whether creating a branch location strategy or planning a corporate headquarters relocation, we have the established expertise to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

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Watchdog is knowledgeable, very responsive, and they really put you at ease.

– Kerry Boytin | Executive Assistant| Element Financial

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