Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter School

Philadelphia, PA
  • Analyzed school’s 10-year building plan.
  • Developed a technology plan which establishes needed building infrastructure.
  • Acted as Owner’s Rep and coordinated between FACTS and building developer.

Watchdog acted as an owner’s representative for the Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter School (FACTS). For our initial engagement, the main goal of our work was to provide extensive due-diligence for a new building project in Philadelphia. Our studies assisted the school in deciding which potential locations were most feasible based on a variety of standards and criteria.

Watchdog provided cost analysis and recommendations for a 10-year building plan. We also developed a technology plan for future growth and expansion. Our plan accounted for the school’s functional and economic needs.

With our feasibility studies and due-diligence reporting, FACTS was able to enter a lease agreement where FACTS is a tenant in a new multi-use building. With Watchdog acting as their owner’s representative, FACTS worked with a developer to build the school in close proximity to the school’s previous location.

As with many academic projects, the project schedule was of particular importance as it was prescribed by the academic calendar. The new FACTS building had to be completed prior to the beginning of the academic school year. It was Watchdog’s job to keep the project schedule on track to ensure a timely project completion.

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