Los Angeles, CA
  • Brought onboard to manage and maintain project costs and schedule throughout design and construction
  • Reviewed impact of seismic upgrades on project schedule
  • Full scope of project management services
  • 120,000 SF in Los Angeles, CA

Honey is a Google browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout with a single click. Watchdog is managing Honey’s 120,000 square foot renovation and relocation of their corporate office. The building is four stories with a basement and a penthouse open-air area.

Watchdog came onboard when the project was underway and began overseeing the overall project schedule and budget. Our team led extensive value engineering exercises to reduce the project budget by $2 million without compromising scope or design intent.

The skeleton of the building is being seismically retrofitted to adhere to current code standards. These upgrades have the potential to impact the construction schedule and the ability to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. While the landlord is managing these upgrades, Watchdog thoroughly investigated the scope of this work and ensured that it was in line with the project schedule and continues to monitor this work.

The design of the new space is entirely open concept. There is not one private office in the entire design. As a result, there is a heavy concentration of conference and meeting spaces throughout the headquarters.

Honey will have approximately 250 employees upon occupancy and has the ability to grow to roughly 600 employees in this building.

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