Law Firm Real Estate Solutions

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Recently, many law firms are considering relocating to smaller, more efficient office spaces in order to yield cost savings that can be reallocated to make the firm more competitive in the market.

Law Firm Real Estate Services

Through a strategic approach to real estate holdings, some firms are seeing cost savings of 20 percent, or greater.

This might sound simple, but the legal industry faces more space constraints than nearly any other industry, forcing many firms to compete against each other for prime locations.

That’s where Watchdog comes in. By hiring an experienced project management team to find your law firm’s real estate solution, you can concentrate on attaining new clients and providing undivided attention to your existing clientele. At Watchdog, we are much more than a consultant or a project management firm. We are a partner in every sense of the word – and the true foundation for ensuring a successful real estate project.
Our full suite of management services start at the point of project conception, and we remain at your side until every case file and legal compendium has been moved to its new location. We will help you define the goals of your law firm real estate solutions; manage the site identification and acquisition, while performing all necessary due diligence activities; help select and negotiate contracts with architects, engineers, and all other contractors; oversee all construction activities and budgetary requirements; and manage any and all relocation needs.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all law firm real estate solutions. We start every project with a blank canvas and an open mind and, as a 100% conflict-free owner’s representative, we are committed to bringing your vision to life. Whatever the challenge, Watchdog will deliver.

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Watchdog beats the competition at every turn – frankly, it’s tough to find other firms to present as good options.

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