Philadelphia, PA

– Cost estimating services.
– Produce comprehensive reporting.

When a global company wants to open a new location in your backyard, it’s important to not only to show “Brotherly Love” but also offer in-depth service. Macquarie Group, a global provider of banking, advisory, trading, asset management and retail financial services have been a client for several years. They were looking to open a new Philadelphia office and engaged Watchdog to complete a comprehensive cost management analysis. There were three proposed locations of occupancy and Macquarie requested an in-depth analysis of each, including a review of the client’s engineering and design guidelines, market data identifying future and prior cost escalations industry-specific in Philadelphia. Also required was an assembly of product budget information including construction costs, soft costs, furniture, a total estimate to complete, comparable projects in the Philadelphia market and cost estimates specific to each floor plan.

Watchdog worked seamlessly with the Australia-based client to produce a comprehensive report, which included forecasts, cost summaries, budgets, landlord option costs and supporting data. We outlined the budget on multiple levels to give Macquarie a clear understanding of the options associated with the costs.

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