Malvern, PA
  • MTA II engaged Watchdog to oversee the design and construction of two new facilities
  • Facilities required state-of-the-art technology for clean room environments, upgraded HVAC/MEP systems and refrigeration equipment
  • Oversight of all project contractors/vendors while maintaining a very tight schedule and budget with direct reporting to stakeholders in the U.S. & China
  • Project required renovation of 12,500 SF of existing office/flex warehouse space in Great Valley/Malvern, PA

MTAII developed a method to process bovine hemoglobin into plasma for human/animal use. This process allows for the plasma converted from bovine hemoglobin to be stored for +/-6 months. This development is a major breakthrough in biomedical technology by providing a plasma substitute for transfusions to humans and to sustain human organs donated for transplant procedures.

When Watchdog came onboard, our team helped to streamline efforts and facilitated the entire process to expedite the project schedule. This project had a tight timeline; construction was completed before equipment could be received and installed. Watchdog managed all expectations and project communications through completion.

A pilot facility was built to meet all of the FDA regulatory and GMP criteria. Watchdog worked with the client and the design builder to design, complete construction, and fit-out of this facility.

Construction for this project was extensive. The space was formerly a flex warehouse and office facility that was renovated to provide office space and clean-room laboratory/manufacturing space.

The design-build construction project had a budget of $16 million. Extensive electrical, mechanical, HVAC and sanitary system(s) upgrades were necessary to house the clean-room component. Watchdog closely managed this process, working with the township’s sewer authority to meet their and EPA guidelines that were required to allow discharge of chemically treated waste water effluent into a public sanitary system waste stream.

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