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While every real estate project has the potential for unforeseen issues, they are compounded when the expansion, relocation, or renovation is being completed for a nonprofit organization.


With tighter budget restrictions and additional legal/financial requirements, as well as a leadership team more aligned with the organization’s mission than with commercial real estate matters, nonprofits have different goals and priorities and therefore are driven by different processes.

No worries though, Watchdog has your back.

As a true third-party owner’s representative, we provide comprehensive nonprofit real estate consulting that meets your budget and time constraints, mitigates your legal risks, adheres to your project’s scope of work, and brings your vision to life, all while supporting your organization’s mission. Whether you’re looking to relocate after spinning off from a parent group, start construction for a new organization, or renovate an old office to raise awareness and attract volunteers, our project management team will put their hearts into your project.
Watchdog will guard your vision against outside interests throughout every step of the project, from conception until move-in. As part of our nonprofit real estate consulting process, we will evaluate your lease versus buy options, as well as various properties in the locations of your choice; perform an analysis of your credit and debt capacity, with considerations towards tax-exempt financing; help with public approvals, funding, and lease negotiations; work with you to design your new space and find the right contractors; oversee the entire construction process; and manage the move-in/relocation activities. We will also work to create a process that works for your organization’s stakeholders. We understand the nature of nonprofit organizations and will customize our approach to meet the needs of your organization.

As a 100% conflict-free nonprofit real estate consulting service, your satisfaction is our only goal. Contact us today to discover how we can help your nonprofit association, foundation, or charity.

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What Watchdog Real Estate Project Mangers did was simply magic. They organized and assembled donations and services from all over the region to create a space that is unified, bright and professional

Jennifer R. Clarke | Executive Director | Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia

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