Ojai Valley School

Ojai, CA
  • Managing the construction of three 10,000 square foot buildings
  • Buildings will serve as science and technology centers, a commons building, and a girls dormitory
  • Providing a full scope of project management services

The Ojai Valley School is an independent boarding school in Ojai, California. Ojai Valley School’s philosophy is contained in the words Integer Vitae – meaning wholeness of life, symmetry of life, soundness of life, and, therefore, poise and strength of life. To accommodate the school philosophy, every effort is made to create an atmosphere for students and staff that is conducive to learning and growing through the framework of a warm family environment.

Watchdog is currently managing the on-campus construction of three new buildings for OVS. Unfortunately, the school suffered the loss of a girls dormitory, a commons building, and science center in the Thomas forest fires and was forced to rebuild the structures from the ground-up. Watchdog’s team works diligently on behalf of OVS to manage the project from conception through completion, dealing with all project stakeholders and reporting directly to the school’s internal team.

Watchdog provides an on-site presence as needed throughout the project and manages an all-encompassing budget and schedule to ensure all buildings are completed on-time and within budget.

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