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Multiple Locations
  • Calls to over 750 individual branch locations since 2007
  • Over 13,000 branch calls made since 2007
  • Simple point of contact for all branch calls since 2011

Watchdog was first engaged by PNC in 2007. PNC was undergoing volume renovations in 300 bank branch locations throughout the east coast.

Watchdog partnered with PNC and internal project managers to help assist with these renovations. For each branch, Watchdog helped with cost estimating, construction monitoring, punchlist development and resolution and oversight of ATM and furniture installations. Watchdog was responsible for a nightly check list for contractors to complete and fax to our office in order to ensure that all phone lines, data systems and security systems were fully operating by the time each branch opened for business.

Since that first engagement, Watchdog has continued and expanded our relationship with PNC. With PNC, we have developed a streamlined process for PNC project managers that accommodates all PNC corporate policies, procedure and documentation.

PNC relies on Watchdog, not only to ensure that branches are ready for business each morning during a construction project, but also to hold contractors accountable through the branch readiness forms, which contractors submit to Watchdog. The form holds the contractor accountable and verifies that the branch is ready for business upon opening hours.

Watchdog has provided PNC with the same point of contact for all branch calling services since 2011. This ensures consistency in records and process and streamlines the process for PNC project managers and branch managers

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