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The technology industry has been leading the United States’ real estate expansions throughout the past two years, as companies search for locations that can attract and retain the best talent in areas with strong tech environments.

Startup Office Relocations

With such a fast-paced industry and new competitors constantly entering the market, how do you manage a move or renovation while growing your business and staying on budget?

We have the experience that established technology designers, engineers, and internet start-ups need for their real estate projects.

Whether you’ve outgrown your home office or co-working space, you're looking for a new location for your headquarters or a secondary site, or you need to expand the office for your growing team, we’ve got your back.

Our real estate project management team will help you through every step of the process, ensuring that your new space brings your vision to life while strengthening your competitive advantage and maintaining your budget and timeline.

At Watchdog, we are not just a part of your team; we are truly integrated with your goals, culture, and people. We customize our comprehensive real estate project management process for tech companies, basing it entirely on your overall construction concept and aesthetic goals. Through our planning, negotiation, and completion phases, we will help you define your objectives and quantify your needs, analyze your alternatives and submit requests for proposals (RFPs), create timelines and budgets, negotiate your lease and construction contracts, handle zoning and permitting issues, manage the bids for all activities, and oversee your move, including the setup and installation of any equipment and IT infrastructure.

We provide 100% conflict-free tech company real estate project management. This enables us to deliver the deepest level of experience within our industry, and it empowers us to remain far ahead of the pack as true pioneers of project management.

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[Watchdog] did a great job of balancing it all, while keeping a sense of humor.Watchdog got a lot of good work done, and so did we.

– Client Marketing Director

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