Northern Suburbs of Philadelphia, PA
  • Construction of a 95,000 SF out of the ground YMCA in the Northern suburbs of Philadelphia, PA
  • 40-acre site development
  • 13,700 SF wellness area equipped with walker ducting for installation of fitness equipment, 9,100 SF gymnastics room, 8,500 SF mixed sport gymnasium, a second story 12,000 SF track, three swimming pools, and multiple flexible programming spaces
  • Careful evaluation of project budget
  • Full scope of project management services

Watchdog is currently working on the out of the ground construction of a 95,000 square foot YMCA in the Northern suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our team began during the construction administration portion of this project. Evaluating the project budget was an immediate priority, both for Watchdog and for YMCA. Our team reviewed all contracts with existing vendors to understand the costs that were already committed and immediately began a full analysis and benchmarking of all current bids.

Our team also assisted YMCA in deciding the best course of action for labor. Construction had already commenced, and our team committed to facilitating a smooth transition if any labor changes were made.
The project involves a 40-acre site development. A significant portion of the site preparation involves the surface and underground detention basins. Backfills were included, using imported fill from another site, which was a no-cost solution implemented by our team.

There will be a significant landscape design portion of this project, which is currently being defined. Our project management team is overseeing the design and execution of all landscape architecture.

As part of site preparations, our team has implemented a storm water management system including, erosion control and underground utilities.

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