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Catalysts to Execution
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We are the catalyst that takes a project from start to finish- managing thousands of details and multiple vendors throughout the process- doing so with dedication, expertise, and passionate project managers.

Master Planning & Programming

Developing a master plan is vital when undertaking the process of relocating your business. As soon as you bring Watchdog on board as your owner’s representative, we will help your business establish a clear plan for your big move, including a budget that meets your expectations and a schedule that doesn’t disrupt your progress.

Due Diligence

Finding the perfect location is just the start when relocating your business. While you’re scouting out sites to find the one that best meets your company’s needs, it’s also time to verify that all the nuts and bolts of the potential sites are in the right place. As your owner’s representative, we take the reins to ensure that all reasonable steps needed to fix, maintain, or improve your current or future sites are completed before you buy or sell. We’ll help establish the building’s assets and determine whether any potential liabilities exist so that you can focus on the important things, like running your business.

Vendor Procurement and Contract Administration

Watchdog’s helpful eye pays careful attention to all the details, making sure that you avoid entering into any contracts that might hinder your relocation or affect your business’s bottom line. As your owner’s rep, we focus on finding the most reliable vendors, at the best price, for the best products and services. We’ll negotiate with vendors on your behalf to seek out any opportunities for reduced or fixed rates, as well as lower rates for maintenance needs, support, and licensing fees. As your conflict-free specialist, we ensure that your budget and your vision come first, while always protecting your company’s best interests.

Work Letter and Letter Analysis

For companies that prefer the benefits of renting to buying an office space, our reps provide support throughout the entire leasing process. After discussing your company’s vision for relocation, we’ll help you create work letters that outline the construction needed and any issues that exist as you transform the space into your perfect office. From the build-out of walls and installation of new flooring, to smaller details like the ideal light fixtures, we’ll develop a work letter that ensures your company’s immediate interests and needs are met. Our reps review and analyze your lease, adding any necessary addendums, as well as investigate the site’s history, insurance requirements, and other areas of due diligence. We negotiate on your behalf with commercial brokers and landlords to expedite the leasing process and ensure that all of your bases are covered.

Design Management

While the designing phase of your project is certainly one of the most exciting moments, it’s also an important time where you must be creative, flexible, and diligent. We’ll help you bring together a tour de force team of dynamic architects, engineers, and interior designers that will make your company’s vision a reality. Together, we evaluate your mission, needs, and future goals to use as the muse in designing your perfect workspace environment. With us representing your business, you can focus on the fun design aspects and let us worry about navigating the logistical aspects like square footage, construction materials, compliance issues, budgeting, and scheduling.

Master Planning & Programming

Developing a master plan is vital when undertaking the process of relocating your business. As soon as you bring Watchdog on board as your owner’s representative, we will help your business establish a clear plan for your vision, including a budget that meets your expectations and a schedule that doesn’t disrupt your progress. We start by evaluating the market, from real estate assessments and feasibility studies, to growth projects and budget forecasting, then we identify the best course of action to achieve your company’s short and long-term goals.

Disposition Consulting & Management

While it can be easy to get caught up in the future of a shiny, new corporate office, your current space also needs your attention. As you begin the relocation process, we can help you in the disposition of your current assets. Our owner’s representatives will aid you throughout the entire process, from evaluating your current property and investigating for due diligence, to renegotiating your current or future lease terms and developing contracts that benefit your company’s best interest and bottom line. we’ll be by your side to ensure all goes according to plan and that your disposition is conflict-free.

Payment Application Reviews

With moving, paperwork is inevitable. As your company’s representatives, we will manage and review all monthly payments associated with general contractors and vendors involved in the project. We ensure that all work meets compliance, and confirm that all agreed-upon terms and conditions are executed properly. By reviewing payment applications, we stay informed on the status of your project and can update you on the progress of construction. Staying up-to-date also allows us to catch any issues that pop up early, and to reassess the project’s goals to help your project stay on schedule and on budget, regardless of surprises along the way.

RACP Application Compliance

Complying with the RACP (Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program) grant application process can be tedious. There are many steps along the way, and it is critical that you are in compliance throughout the whole process. As your owner’s representatives, Watchdog will walk you through the entire process and make sure that you are following the correct steps. We will work with you to find a project champion who will get your project written into state’s budget. Then, with your internal team, we will complete your Pre-Award and Post-Award applications. Our experience with the RACP grant process will help you streamline the process until the grant is awarded.
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Portfolio Consultation

At the center of your relocation, there is the portfolio: a compilation of carefully collected data, design plans, budgeting requirements, and more. Your portfolio is the lifeline to your project, which is why we lend our eyes and ears to every piece of it. As experts in real estate project management, we will help evaluate your company’s needs and goals alongside meticulous research that offers insight into questions like where should you relocate, how much space you’ll need, and, most importantly, how much you will need to pay. We can anticipate issues that might occur and make appropriate adjustments early to ensure that your company gets the most out of your move.

Facilities Solutions

Relocating is the perfect time to consider new options now available to you. As a technology-driven workforce, companies that thrive tend to have at least one thing in common: efficiency. Watchdog utilizes a Web-based software that easily allows you to integrate your facilities requests, leasing documents, and cost tracking into one convenient, easily accessible location. For companies that operate out of multiple locations, our facilities solutions provide a simple tool for monitoring and supporting each location from one system. Comprehensive reports generate information regarding your facilities operation costs, allowing you to better manage your budget and cost controls.
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