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Move Management and Consultation

Corporate relocation is more than just a transition; it’s an exciting growth opportunity. However, transitions can be a confusing time if your plan lacks execution or, even worse, if you lack a plan altogether. As a business owner, you might not be aware of all the small details that need consideration throughout a move.

Relocation Management

The appeal of moving to a bigger, brighter, more modern office often overshadows all of the work that goes into corporate relocation. Along with finding and building (or renovating) a new space, you’ll have plenty of other things on your plate as well: procuring vendors, developing an appropriate budget and sticking to it, negotiating contracts, transporting and storing sensitive documents, and transferring over facilities services; not to mention considerations for the interior décor and the effect a move has on your employees! Developing a plan and staying organized from the very beginning will make your move that much easier, and our owner’s reps have the experience you need to keep calm throughout the process. We will help with everything—analyzing your financial situation, selecting a site and performing proper due diligence investigations, designing your new space, as well as negotiating contracts and RFP production with vendors. By ensuring that your company and employees are productive and happy throughout the entire move, Watchdog makes the process as easy as just showing up for work.

Move Management & Consultation

Corporate relocation is more than just a transition; it’s an exciting growth opportunity. However, transitions can be a confusing time if your plan lacks execution or, even worse, if you lack a plan altogether. As a business owner, you might not be aware of all the small details that need consideration throughout a move. These little things can add up, costing your company a significant amount of money over time, which is why we’re here to serve as your moving consultants. When you team up with Watchdog, our reps manage the entire move while monitoring your bottom line. Before the move, we’ll work with you to organize and develop a plan for relocation, assessing items you already have and compiling a list of equipment or supplies that you’ll need in the new space. We’ll help determine where each item or team member will work best in your new office, and coordinate when items will be moved or purchased, ensuring that you and your employees always have everything you need, regardless of where you are in the relocation process.

Multisite Rollout Management

Companies that are spread across multiple locations, whether regionally or nationally, need both communication and consistency to thrive. When it comes to multisite rollout projects, that’s exactly what Watchdog will bring to the drawing board. Perhaps you’re looking to move your corporate headquarters and expand to new locations, or maybe you’d like to create a more cohesive brand by updating your current sites; either way, our project managers work with you to bring your organization, your culture, and your vision to each and every project. From conception down to the final move, we make sure that your vision translates across all sites, ensuring that the same high standards are held at each location and that all vendors stay on track to accomplish your goals within budget.

Closeout Management

Watchdog leaves no stone unturned. Because we want your corporate relocation project to meet every check on your list, we examine the scope of your project and create a closeout strategy as soon as we start working together. From notifying clients, vendors, and colleagues about your relocation, and managing any excess inventory or supplies that won’t be making the move with you, to focusing on site disposition to alleviate the financial burden of paying for two mortgages post-relocation; we’ve got your back. We’ll also compile a punch list as your new office takes form, checking for any outstanding work that needs to be completed, or issues that may arise. We’ll schedule for all new equipment to be tested and for the property to be inspected, as well as finalize any outstanding charges that need to be dealt with.

Flex Space

Are you looking to relocate your corporate office but don’t want the hassle of construction or major renovations? Perhaps you’re not entirely sure where your growing company will be in a few years and you’re just not ready for anything permanent? For companies that have outgrown their current space but aren’t quite ready to settle down, we can help relocate your corporate office to a convenient flex space that meets all your current needs yet still leaves room open for renovations and expansion in the future. As your owner’s reps, we’re with you every step of the way. We can scope out high profile sites that offer your company flexibility in your period of transition, negotiate with landlords and brokers to define the terms of your lease and allow for future buildout projects down the line, as well as protect your company from any less-than-ideal fine print. As your corporate move specialists, we offer conflict-free services that guard your vision, taking the frustration out of relocation.

Tenant Representation

When you make us your Watchdog, we only have one goal in mind: protect your interest throughout all phases of corporate relocation with conflict-free, efficient representation. As innate negotiators, our intimate knowledge of real estate project management helps us protect you from waste, inefficiency, and external interests that can negatively affect your vision and bottom line. We will represent you from start to finish, negotiating lease terms that get you the maximum benefits available, while protecting your assets and your company’s productivity.

Site Selection

Usually one of the first, and certainly one of the most important, steps in corporate relocation is deciding where you will be moving. While you may already have an idea of where you’d like your business located, we can help you assess your company’s finances and growth, the current market, cost of production, and available sites so that we can discover where your business will thrive best. From the initial analysis and budgeting, we will help you visit, examine and perform due diligence investigations on locations that pique your interest. For companies that are looking to protect the environment, we’ll explore different site options that allow your new construction to reap a variety of natural benefits while saving on energy. Let’s discover your new company headquarters together.
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