Watchdog is proud to offer sixteen weeks of paid parental leave for new parents. Danielle Graham discusses what this means for our organization, as well as how this policy will impact her family.

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Watchdog’s culture is a major priority both for the company’s leaders and employees at all levels.  Our culture is truly one of our best competitive edges. Our leaders are truly committed to the personal and profession success of each and every employee and this policy is a direct reflection of that commitment.  This new policy offers a tremendous value and further establishes Watchdog’s people-centric culture.

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Paid Parental Leave is still extremely rare in the United States. Millions of Americans aren’t offered a single day off work following the birth or adoption of a child, and 1 in 4 new moms go back to work 10 days after childbirth.

The policy is designed for new parents to bond with their child(ren). Read the full details of our policy here.

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