Life Sciences

The overall cost of operating within the life science industry is rising. Increased rents, R&D costs, and wages for skilled technicians require many research organizations to reassess their approach to growth and to decide whether a laboratory renovation, build-out, or integration of real estate portfolios is the best way to meet product demands and remain competitive.

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Then comes the most important decision: how to manage that move or renovation without disrupting your manufacturing and business operations.

Whether your real estate project involves laboratories, process facilities, or manufacturing facilities, Watchdog has the experience you need.

Our project managers understand the unique requirements, specialized equipment, and stringent regulations that pharmaceutical clients, research centers, and educational institutions face, and we can handle them all. From concept to completion, Watchdog offers the full spectrum of project management and owner’s rep services.

We handle third party reviews and negotiations, help you find and design the space you need, monitor compliance with applicable codes and regulations, oversee all facility development, laboratory renovation or build-out construction costs, and manage the relocation of any equipment and materials (as well as any other items that need to be moved to a new location).

At Watchdog, we are conflict-free laboratory renovation and build-out project managers. This means that we will protect your construction goals and your bottom line down to the smallest detail, in every negotiation with each and every vendor. As our client, your vision becomes our vision and your goals inspire our ever-vigilant guard, which we never let down.

Let us help you create an innovative environment for research and collaboration that allows for scalability, cost savings, and optimized quality and productivity for your operations.

Our Team

Our Team

Loren Shaw brings a diverse set of experience to Watchdog’s clients. Having implemented large scale complex projects in the life science, non-profit, corporate, and educational sectors, Loren brings a unique project management background to each project. During his tenure with Watchdog, he has played a pivotal role in Watchdog projects.

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