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As the trend towards wellness and luxury continue to emerge, the guest experience must be designed and curated towards the guest’s needs and growing expectations. Your brand must not only resonate with your guests, but become part of the DNA of the built environment.

Project Management Services for Hospitality Institutions

How does our project management approach change to accommodate hospitality?

We understand that in the hospitality industry, the difference is in the details.

We understand that in the hospitality industry, the difference is in the details. The industry is crowded with new brands from familiar flags and disruptors like Airbnb. The challenge to stay relevant is driving each and every project in this industry. Conveying your brand to your customers is no small task- it comes down to each and every detail.

The key to a successful project delivery is fully understanding the value that the project with provide upon completion. When you work with Watchdog, we will take the time to fully understand your brand, what is important to you and your customers, and what your unique differentiators are. Deeply understanding our clients is the only way we know how to act as owner’s representatives.

We understand that we must deliver value to your heavily customer facing and service-oriented spaces. To do this, we identify all tasks that are directly related to these areas. We focus in on them and make sure that our approach reflects your commitment to your customers. Whether we need to provide extra governance to these areas, procure the best resources and consultants, or strategically align these tasks within the project schedule, our attention to detail will elevate the execution and end result.
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We knew that coordinating a project of this size would be difficult and demanding, but we felt reassured as the entire Watchdog team helped us avoid pitfalls by educating us on every detail in advance. We were impressed with [Watchdog’s] leadership and attention to detail and with each team member’s dedication to our project. Their ability to find creative solutions helped us contain costs and stay on budget.


Susan Campbell | Chief Executive Officer | Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House

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