Corporate Real Estate Management Projects

From Vision to Reality

Modern workplaces are no longer defined simply as places to work. With an increased emphasis on culture, comfort, and productivity, corporate locations can now be crucial for recruiting the best candidates, retaining the highest performing employees, and attracting the more discerning of clients. It’s no wonder that so many businesses are embarking on increasingly complex corporate real estate projects.


Every real estate project involves multiple vendors—landlords, brokers, architects, engineers, general contractors—all with priorities revolving around their bottom lines, portfolios, and convenience.

Do you have the dedicated employees with the expertise to look out for your interests?

Someone who can make sure that your project comes in under budget, on time, and with the proper entitlements and due diligence investigations?

When you work with Watchdog, you get an experienced partner versed in the many programmatic and regulatory requirements associated with corporate real estate management projects.
Our comprehensive process encompasses the entire project timeline, from site design and selection to the transfer of every pencil and piece of paper – allowing you to concentrate on running your business and taking care of your clients.

At Watchdog, we guarantee that your vision comes first – always. As your project manager, we guide you through each step of the process, supporting your interests, protecting your assets, and interceding on your behalf whenever necessary. As a 100% conflict-free real estate management and consulting service, we can ensure that you are our only priority.

From headquarter relocations to tenant fit-outs, Watchdog’s Project Managers can breathe life into your real estate relocation, renovation, or expansion goals.

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“When Watchdog came in to pitch, compared to the other companies, they felt… substantial.”

– Elaine Peraki

Director of Marketing Procurement & Supply Chain | Sunoco

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