Owner’s Representation for Educational Institutions 

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Campus leaders have tough decisions to make when it comes to capital improvements. Land development motivations, physical and political environments and financing and community relations all contribute to an institution’s real estate and construction needs. Institutions must continually advance their facilities and assess their real estate assets in order to stay competitive and to fully satisfy to student needs and expectations.

Real Estate Services for Educational Facilities

Leadership has a lot to juggle while working with the constraints of a busy campus, multiple boards and decision makers. The ultimate outcome must be a quality facility that reflects both the culture and the longevity of the institution. No project is a simple project.

Our goal is always to function as a true owner’s representative. We will manage your entire project, from start to finish, and ensure that you achieve the goals of your project, whether a dormitory, cutting-edge classroom facilities, athletic arenas, administrative buildings or campus upgrades and improvements.
Our comprehensive process starts with a budget and schedule assessment. We continue through design, and procurement, where we adapt to your institution's process and procedure. We oversee the entirety of the construction phases, until every last punch-list item is taken care of.

Watchdog guards your vision and your bottom line against waste, inefficiency, and outside interests. As a 100% conflict-free project management and consulting service, we are only satisfied when the project meets your expectations, or exceeds them.

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“I can trust them. I know they will show up and
look me in the eye and get things done the smart way, the efficient way, the honest way.” 

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