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Pioneers of Real Estate
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Watchdog handles all strategic negotiations to ensure clients achieve their desired goals. By participating in the earliest stages of a project, Watchdog is able to clearly understand your needs, and create a budget and schedule that works for you.

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1: One that guards against loss, waste, theft, or undesirable practices

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An Interview with Director, Ryan Alligood on 16 Weeks of Paid Parental Leave

Watchdog recently announced the expansion of our Paid Parental Leave Policy to sixteen weeks of paid leave for new parents. Ryan is candid about his experience becoming a parent, how he juggles the work/life balance, and what it means to have Watchdog provide sixteen weeks of paid parental leave.
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Are Steel Tariffs Impacting Construction?

When it comes to construction, virtually all costs are tied to either materials or labor. Now that the steel tariffs have been in place for almost seven months, the question everyone is asking is, “What does this mean to the cost of my construction project?”
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RACP Grant Compliance

Once you have determined that the RACP grant is right for your construction or development project, there are four steps involved in securing the grant:
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